Unspoken Prophet

UnSpoken Prophet

An oxymoron if you’ve ever heard one, right?
Unspoken (adj.) - implied or understood without being spoken or uttered. You see for most of my life I was either afraid or forbidden to speak my own mind, so when I had something of value to share I resorted to pen and paper. When I began to serve God it was said during prophetic presbytery that the prophetic mantel would come upon me in its fullness. I believe that it has and yet my loyal friends, the pen and paper remain one of my most vigorous sources of expression.

Prophet προφήτης (gr.) is usually someone who is very verbal, someone who speaks forth or openly the oracles of God. Of course I don’t necessarily feel that I reside in the office of the prophet, but rather someone who God chooses to use in this capacity.I welcome you to the Unspoken Prophet’s Blog and pray that you will discover for yourself a word in due season.

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  • Nov7Sat

    Four Characteristics of Swine

    November 7, 2015
    Filed Under:
    Christian Living
    I’m sure that we’ve all heard the verse in Matthew 7:6 quoted many times throughout our journey to Christian maturity. We’ve perhaps even used it ourselves on occasion. Whether we used in the right context or not is very important. This article assumes that the reader understands the proper usage of this verse of scripture and provides four identifying characteristics of this type of behavior.
  • Feb1Sat

    I Feel a Tear Coming On

    February 1, 2014
    Filed Under:
    Poetic Thought
    As a boy I never enjoyed fighting, but my former Marine, boxer of a Dad would not have me allowing anyone to take advantage of myself or my siblings. I often would hold back when being hit on or taunted until I would begin to cry, and then look out. Now, I believe that the battle is the Lords and He will fight for us. However I still find that I endure and endure until my emotions break, I feel a tear coming on. 
  • Jan28Tue

    The Cost Of The Cross

    January 28, 2014
    Filed Under:
    Christian Living
    What is the message that we send when we defend our right to carry a bible or wear Christian jewelry, is there any real honor in these pursuits and if so to whom? It is no secret that Christianity and anything Christian is being challenged and in many forums suppressed, but the real question here is which cross are we defending, His or ours?
  • Jan22Wed

    Raising Sons for Warfare

    January 22, 2014
    Filed Under:
    Christian Living

    There is a battle raging in the souls of mankind, which has for longer than we would like to admit caused havoc to the very fiber of our humanity. We especially see the devastating effects of a cunning and illusive enemy on our homes and families, with particular interest directed to our sons.
  • Feb28Thu

    A Rushed Judgment

    February 28, 2013
    Filed Under:
    Christian Living
    Being falsely accused can be a painful experience, but coming to the realization of ones ultimate guilt before a holy and righteous God and His forgiveness is liberating even while in chains.
  • Jan23Wed

    Mediocrity / Life Devoid of Excellence

    January 23, 2013
    Filed Under:
    Christian Living

    Mediocre is defined as only of moderate quality; not very good. Mediocrity is a way of thinking which deprives one of the ability to press beyond the boundaries of normality, to break the mold to change the status-quo.  A Christian who chooses to maintain a mediocre existence ~ that is, to never advance beyond receiving the gift of salvation into a mature believer ~ is equivalent to a soldier who while in the heat of battle puts down his weapon thus admitting defeat.